Did You Know?

Twenty-one men and no women have

been executed in the United States in 2017.

276 Killed in Mogadishu, Somali
A massive truck bomb has killed at least 276 individuals in Mogadishu, Somali over the weekend. Over 300 others were injured in the attack. The death toll is expected to rise and many of the deceased have not, and will never be identified. The bombing has been identified as a terrorist attack by al-Shabaab, an Islamist group. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the wounded. Please pray for peace.
40 Killed by Wildfires in California
At least 40 individuals have died from the wildfires that are sweeping through California. Over 200 more remain missing. However, things are looking better as firefighters are slowly starting to gain control over the fires. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been demolished by the fires and thousands of homes have been destroyed. Please pray for the families of the deceased and the safety of the missing. Please also pray for the safety of the firefighters. Please pray for California as it works to recover.
34 Killed by Wildfires in Portugal and Spain
At least 31 individuals have been killed by wildfires in northern and central Portugal, while three others have been reported to have died in Spain. The fires have been strengthen by strong winds, brought on by the approaching Hurricane Ophelia. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for the safety of those who are missing and for the firefighters.
Three Killed in Ireland
Three individuals have been killed in the Republic of Ireland as Hurricane Ophelia made landfall. Hundreds of thousands are currently without power. High winds and flooding remain concerns for the region. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured.
Six Killed in Kenya
At least six individuals, five students and a security guard, have been killed by a gunman, while 18 others were injured, at a boarding school in Lokichogio, Kenya. The gunman, a former student who had been suspended, also raped two girls during the attack. Please pray for the families of the deceased. Please pray for healing for the injured.
2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea
Do Jong-hwan, minister of culture, sports, and tourism, has issued a statement, assuring that the 2018 Winter Olympics will be safe and peaceful. The 2018 Winter Olympics will occur from February 9-25, 2018. Please pray for the nation as it prepares. Please pray for the athletes as they continue to prepare.
Slow Recovery for Puerto Rico
Since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, recovery has been exceedingly slow. Over 80 percent of the island remains without electricity, 40 percent cannot receive a cell signal, and 33 percent of the island does not have running water. Additionally, jobs are scarce and many residents are simply leaving the island. Please pray for the all those who have been affected by Hurricane Maria. Please pray for the island nation.


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