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August 24, 2018: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Hosea 1-7

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Commentary:  Hosea is a book filled with symbolism, like many books of prophecy.  Even Hosea’s marriage is symbolic of the Lord’s relationship with Israel.  Hosea is instructed to marry a harlot, a whore, a hooker, whose mother was also a harlot!  She represents Israel and its relationship to the Lord.  Israel was a spiritual harlot, as the repeatedly rejected the Lord, instead worshiping pagan, man-made gods.  This relationship is shown throughout the first three chapters.  Chapter 4 identifies three groups who have sinned.  The remainder of chapter 4 and the entirety of chapter 5 issues three warnings for Israel and Judah.  Chapters 6 and 7 laments the stubbornness of the nation to repent.

Focus Verses:  4:15-19  What warning is being given in this passage?  Why is it important?  How does that warning apply to today?




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