Did You Know?

Twenty-three men and no women have 

been executed in the United States in 2018.

Daily Bible Reading for January 29, 2014: Psalm 12-14.

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Context and Meaning: Like many of the psalms, all of today's come from David. In the Psalm 12, David talks about boasting with their tongues and their lips. Who else is known for boasting of things he has not done? For twisting words? We must be careful who or what we listen to, for sincerity only comes from the Lord. Psalm 13 begins as a rather depressing psalm, as many of David's psalms do. David's faith shines through at the end of this psalm. No matter how abandoned David feels, he rejoices because he knows that the Lord will answer him. We are to cry out to the Lord in times of need, yet how often do we also express joy in the knowledge that the Lord will respond? Psalm 14 is a wisdom psalm. It proclaims those who do not believe in God (atheists) to be fools. It reassures that God will stand with the righteous and evildoers, those who go against righteous, will be destroyed.







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