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Eleven men and no women have been

executed in the United States in 2018.

Daily Bible Reading for April 23, 2014, with Commentary: Psalm 48-50

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Context: Psalm 48 and 49 were written by the Sons of Korah.Psalm 48 is a Messianic psalm which tells of the final victory of the Messiah who will then reign supreme forever.Psalm 49 speaks of the shortness of life and how little riches are actually worth.In the end all die, and riches cannot come with us in death.Psalm 50 was written by Asaph.It is a psalm of judgment against hypocrisy, against those who outwardly appear to be following and serving the Lord but are not doing so in their hearts.

World History: Asaph was appointed by Levites to serve as a temple musician.During King David's reign, Asaph was the chief of the temple musicians. Approximately 300 years after Asaph lived, he was considered to have been a prophet.





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