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Daily Bible Reading for August 1, 2014, with Commentary: Ezekiel 43-48

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Context: Today’s reading concludes the book of Ezekiel.  We are continuing the theme began in last week’s reading, the theme of hope and restoration.  Last week, we looked at the new temple.  This week, in the beginning of chapter 43, verses 1-13, Ezekiel describes the glory of the God returning to the temple.  The rest of chapter 43 and continuing through the end of chapter 46 describes Ezekiel’s vision of restored worship with priesthood and the sacrifices.  Chapter 47:1-12 describes the river of life, including its source (1-2), its size (3-5), its sufficiency (6-8), and its saving power (9-12).  The remainder of the book describes Ezekiel’s vision of the new land boundaries for the tribe.


World History: Ezekiel was a priest and therefore deeply concerned about restoring true worship to God within the temple.  It is unclear if the final chapters in his book are prophecy, Ezekiel’s hopes for the future of Israel, or some combination of the two.  Regardless, it has been placed within the Bible for a reason.  God has a plan for the future of Israel and our future.  Ezekiel’s final chapters point towards Christ’s second coming, when Israel is restored and all nations will worship Christ the Lord.





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