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Twenty-five men and no women have 

been executed in the United States in 2018.

Daily Bible Reading for September 23, 2014, with Commentary: 2 Chronicles 6-10

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Context: The construction of the Temple is completed and Solomon brings the Ark of the Covenant to the its home.  The poles were removed from the Ark, it would be carried no more.  Solomon offers praises to the Lord and dedicates the temple to Him.  In a fire from Heaven, the Lord accepts the offerings made by Solomon.  The temple was a meeting place between God and man.  Man could go to the temple and repent, as the prophet Daniel demonstrated.  Daniel, even though the temple had been destroyed, continued to face the temple during his captivity and pray.  God heard and saw Daniel’s dedication.  The Lord also warns what will happen should Israel turn away from the Lord.  Chapter 8 records other activities of Solomon’s reign, including building a separate palace for at least one of his wives.  Solomon married several women from other nations for peace, however, it was against the will of God.  In chapter 9, we see how far Solomon’s fame had spread.  For a queen to have spent several months crossing a burning desert, Solomon’s wisdom must have indeed been outstanding!  In noting Solomon’s wealth, we see that he also went against God’s will and collected horses, however, God kept His promise to Solomon and gave him great wisdom and wealth.  In chapter 10, Rehoboam comes to the throne, which eventually leads to the division of Israel and Judah.  Note how Rehoboam deals with the issue the people bring to him.  He rejects the consul of the men who served Solomon and understood the situation, instead he turns to his peers for advice.  Naturally, they all want to continue their comfortable lifestyles by increasing taxes on people who already are struggling!  At no point does Rehoboam seek advice from the Lord.  The people revolt against Rehoboam’s harsh policies.





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