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December 29, 2014: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 1-3 

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Author: Moses

Approximate Date:Beginning


Context and Meaning:Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Torah and of the Christian Old Testament, was written by Moses as revealed to him by God.  These first three chapters cover God’s creation of water and land and sky, light and darkness, animals, and mankind.  It also covers the fall of Adam and Eve.  God created the perfect environment for Adam and Eve, and gave them free will, the ability to choose.  We do not know how long Adam and Eve resided in the Garden before they chose to follow the serpent’s (Satan) advice and disobey God, resulting in the loss of perfectness of the perfect world that surrounded them.  By choosing to disobey God, sin, pain, and suffering entered the world.


World History:  Following a strict Biblical interpretation, this is the beginning of world history.  In the 17th Century, Bishop James Ussher calculated the date of Creation to be 4004 BC.  He arrived at that number by using Biblical genealogies and known historical dates.  Scholars continue to debate the accuracy of his claims; however, the date of Creation should not be our main concern.  As Christians, our faith is more important.  Science claims that this is the time of the big bang and millions of years of evolution.





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