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January 05, 2015: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 4-7 

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Context: Today’s reading focuses on the advancing of sin in the world which furthers our separation from God.  First Cain kills his brother Able.  For his act, and for denying it, Cain is banished.  We then jump to the time of Noah, when sin has taken over the world.  God was grieved that men and women were giving into their desires, doing as they pleased, and not following Him.  The Lord decided to send a flood to wipe out mankind, save for Noah and his family, whom had found favor with the Lord.

World History:Several cultures have flood stories.  They neither prove nor disprove the account in the Bible.  Who is to say that the Biblical flood story was not recorded differently in other parts of the world?  Focusing on these trivial matters takes away from the importance and meaning of the event.






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