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January 20, 2015: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Joshua 16-20

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Context: Who got what?!  Where?!  Joshua is continuing to divide up the land among the 12 tribes of Israel. In case you are not familiar with the various cities listed in these chapters, check out the map. Part of studying the word of God, involves getting out of the Bible and looking up information to clarify or assist in explaining. In chapter 20, Cities of Refuge are established. These cities protect anyone who has been accused of murder and ensures that they will have the chance to stand trial.

World History: The political situation in Canaan during the time of Joshua is properly described. Canaan was divided into several city-states and were often at war with each other. Egypt, who had been a large political player, failed to answer requests for help from various cities in Canaan, according to tablets found in Egypt.





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