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March 16, 2015:  Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Genesis 44-47

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Context:Joseph gave his brothers one final test by setting up Benjamin to appear as if he stole a silver cup.  Judah, the same brother who suggested selling Joseph years ago, begged to be allowed to take Benjamin's place as prisoner so as not to upset their ailing father.  Joseph, seeing that their hearts had truly changed, revealed himself as their brother.  He asked for details concerning his father and invited them all to come to Egypt and live with him.  The pharaoh was pleased to hear that Joseph had found his family and gave them the land in Goshen to live.  Jacob was told by God that He would bring his descendants out of Egypt and back to the Promised Land.  Joseph remained in charge of handing out the stored grain for the remainder of the famine.

World History: Shortly after the famine struck, Egyptians began using irrigation systems to control the floods of the Nile.  In the East, the spoked wheel was invented, allowing for faster transport and lighter vehicles.





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