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May 1, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Jeremiah 27-31

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Context: God used a physical demonstration to show that the Israelites should yield to Babylon, as He has chosen that Babylon will conquer Jerusalem, yet the people refuse to listen, instead listening to what they want to hear, which the false prophets spoke.  Even when Jeremiah is proven to be the true prophet of the Lord, the people refuse to listen to him because he does not say what they want to hear.  In a letter written to those who had already been taken captive by Babylon, Jeremiah instructs them that they should learn to live their lives where they are.  Salvation will not come quickly.  False prophets in Babylon tried to silence Jeremiah, claiming that he was not a true prophet of the Lord.  Chapter 30 introduces us to a new time.  Babylon is right outside the walls of Jerusalem.  The prediction that Babylon would be gone in two years (chapter 28) occurred seven years ago.  Jeremiah has been imprisoned, yet his prophecies are coming true.  Beginning in chapter 30, and continuing throughout the next nine chapters, the people of Judah are in their darkest hour.  Chapter 30 talks of future days, the days of the Great Tribulation and of David returning to his throne.  Chapter 31 is the Lord saying what He will do in the future, which is still in our future.  These promises have yet to be fulfilled.





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