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May 17, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for 2 Corinthians 11-13

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Context: Paul continues to defend himself from those who falsely accuse him of being inferior to them because he refused to take money from the Corinthians to support himself.  Paul serves to serve, just as Jesus did.  He also defends his speaking abilities, for it is the message that is important.  Paul follows Proverbs 26:5 and defends himself accordingly, highlighting his suffering for Christ.  Paul also defends himself from his accusers who claim that his physical weakness indicates his weak spiritual condition.  Rather, Paul relies on God's grace to sustain him, and accepted His answer when He refused to heal him.  Paul reassures the Corinthians that he will not be a financial burden on them when he returns, as his accusers claim.  He again claims that he wants his visit to be one of joy, not punishment.  Paul issues his final warnings, that he will only deal with serious issues when he arrives; that is issues, according to Mosaic Law, in which there are multiple witnesses.  Paul then issues his final greetings.





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