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July 15, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Psalm 84-86

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Context: The first two of today’s psalms are written by the Sons of Korah.  Psalm 84 speaks of the desire to be in God’s court.  In this case court does not mean a place of judgement, rather it refers to the courts of the rich and wealthy.  It was a place to socialize.  One day, all of God’s children will be with Him in His court in Heaven.  His earthly court is churches.  We should want to fellowship with other believers!  Not to gossip and criticize, but to exalt our King!  Psalm 85 is believed to be a prophetic psalm, foretelling of the restoration of Israel, when the Lord Jesus will reign with righteousness and peace.  Psalm 86 is written by David.  It is a prayer, one we should all pray.  David prays to know the way of the Lord.

World History: The story of Korah is told in Numbers 16.  He, along with several others, rose up in opposition to Moses’ leadership.  As a result Korah was killed, but his children were spared.  They went on to serve in two distinct positions in the Temple: one branch became Temple guardians, while another branch served as Temple singers and musicians.





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