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January 22, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Isaiah 18-22

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Commentary:  The first four chapters of today’s reading contain the same theme: trust in the Lord God and do not relay on the power of man.  God knows what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and how it is going to happen.  The Lord God is in control and we must trust Him.  Isaiah’s naked demonstration is chapter 20 shows the foolishness of relying on other nations for protection instead of the Lord.  In chapter 21, Isaiah warns against false, pagan gods and against sin.

Focus Verses:  21:8-9  Babylon worshipped false gods, yet those rose to greatness.  Why?  God used them to punish the Israelites, yet ultimately Babylon would fall.  Their reliance on false gods was their downfall, just as it was for Israel.  Upon what or whom do you rely?




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