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January 26, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Joshua 21-24

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Commentary:  Last week, all the tribes were given areas of land except the Levites.  God, and Joshua, did not forget them!  All Israelite priests came from the tribe of Levi, but not all Levites were priests, however, those who were not priests assisted the priests in their duties.  The Levites were given a total of 48 cities, scattered amidst all the tribes.  Although the land has been divided up, the battles are not yet over for Israel, including amongst themselves!  With the building of an alter on the west side of the Jordan River, we see how varying perceptions can be.  Things are not always as one sees them.  Joshua, as he approaches death, reminds the Israelites, like Moses, to always follow the Lord.  The renewing of the Abrahamic Covenant signifies Israel’s choice to continue to follow the Lord God, above all else.

Focus Verses:  22:10-34  A misunderstanding almost led to civil war!  Perception can change everything!  Think of a time when you perceived an event or situation, only to later discover that you were wrong.  Pray for that the Lord will open you mind and your eyes.  Pray that you will not be so quick to judge when you do not have all the facts.




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