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January 27, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Psalm 12-14

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Commentary:  All of today’s psalms were written by David.  Psalm 12 warns against boasting of things not you have not done and of twisting words.  Sincerity only comes from the Lord.  Psalm 13 begins with a depressed David, who finds that through his faith, he his never alone.  God is always with him.  Psalm 14 speaks of wisdom, God’s wisdom, not earthly wisdom.  Those who do not believe in the Lord are fools.

Focus Verses:  12:2-4  Who else in the Bible boasts of things they have not, or cannot, do?  Who else in the Bible has twisted words to suit his purpose?  Unfortunately, in today’s world we are constantly surrounded by such people.  How can you avoid being one of them?




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