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Eleven men and no women have been

executed in the United States in 2018.

February 15, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 28-31

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Commentary:  When he was younger, Jacob looked out for himself, using any opportunity presented to his advantage.  Now he has gone to another land to find a wife, where he encounters Laban, who, like Jacob, looks out for himself and takes advantage of any situation.  But the results that Laban credits to Jacob should have been credited to the Lord.  Compare and contrasts the stories of Jacob and Laban.

Focus Verses:  29:14b-30  Laban deceived Jacob for his own benefit, just as Jacob had deceived Esau for his own benefit.  What do these two stories tell us about using deceit to get ahead?  What does the rest of today’s reading show about deceit?




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