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March 28, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Exodus 1-4

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Commentary:  Exodus begins approximately 350 years after the final events of Genesis.  The Israelites are now oppressed in a foreign land, with no one to save them but the Lord.  The beginning of Moses’ life may have been easy, but the lessons the Lord had for him, in preparation to lead his people, were difficult.  Moses was not receptive to God’s plan for his life, arguing with God!  God allows Moses to use Aaron as a speaker, however, we will later see God’s wisdom in only wanting a single leader for his people.

Focus Verses:  3:11,13; 4:1,10,13 Moses is remembered as a great leader of Israel, but he was quite resistant to the role.  Are you like Moses?  Resisting the plan God has for you?  What steps are you taking towards accepting God’s plan for your life?




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