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April 4, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Exodus 5-8

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Commentary:  Moses and Aaron have their first meeting with Pharaoh, who is not the same pharaoh that banished Moses.  Even though God is on their side, the meeting does not go well with Pharaoh and the hardships of the Israelites are increased and mocked!  A second meeting, which includes a demonstration of God’s power, is also unproductive in freeing the Israelites.  The remainder of today’s reading covers the first four plagues that the Lord sent upon Egypt: turning water into blood, frogs, lice or gnats, and bloodsucking flies.  Notice that beginning with the fourth plague, God’s chosen people will be spared from the disasters of the plagues.

Focus Verses:  7:22-23; 8:8,15,19,25,32 Examine Pharaoh’s reaction to the plagues, and his reaction once the suffering is removed.  Have you ever acted in a similar manner when the Lord is trying to teach you a lesson?  Have you called out to God in a time of need and then abandoned Him when the problem was resolved?




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