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Three men and no women have been

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August 22, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Numbers 9-12

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Commentary:  Instructions for the Passover are repeated, along with instructions on how those who are ceremonially unclean are to celebrate.  The Lord would lead the Israelites by fire at night or by a cloud during the day.  We should allow the Lord to lead our lives in a similar way.  As the Israelites  prepared to resume their journey, the Lord provided them with specific instructions.  Moses took the complaints of the people to the Lord.  Part of the reason Moses was stressed was because he was taking on more than the Lord had given him.  However, God gave him help in the form of 70 elders, who would eventually become the Sanhedrin.  When the Israelites disobey the Lord, they are punished.  Miriam and Aaron are punished when the speak out against Moses, however, Moses is willing to forgive and asks that their health be restored.

Focus Verses: 9:6-8  When Moses had a problem, he took it to the Lord.  Do you follow this example?  What happens when Moses does not focus on the Lord?  What happens in your life when stray from the Lord?




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