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September 24, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Acts 1-2

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Commentary:  Written by Luke, Acts picks up immediately where the Gospel of Luke left off.  After His resurrection, Jesus spends 40 days on earth, giving final instructions and showing Himself to people.  Many still believed that Jesus was going to overthrow the Roman government.  Following Jesus ascension, the group returned to Jerusalem, where they proceeded to select a new disciple by seeking the will of God through lots.  This is the last time lots is used to determine God’s will.  From here on out, Christians have the Holy Spirit as a guide.  The coming of the Holy Spirit was an event that Luke probably did not witness but had heard described countless times.  It was an event no one present would ever be able to forget.  Through the Holy Spirit, people of all nations were able to hear about salvation through Jesus Christ is their own, native langue.  Acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior allows the Holy Spirit to take hold in you and work in your life.  It is an incredible gift!  After receiving the Holy Spirit, all believers fellowshipped together.  

Focus Verses:  1:14, 2:42-44  Many believe that accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior is enough.  They do not need to attend church or worship with other believers.  Is this belief correct?  Why is attending church, fellowshipping with other believers important?




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