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Twenty-five men and no women have 

been executed in the United States in 2018.

November 7, 2016: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Deuteronomy 13-15

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Commentary:  Moses warns against false prophets.  Keep in mind that false prophets may predict events that actually happen and may even acknowledge the Lord as God, however, if they try to lead the people away from the Lord and His plan, they are false prophets.  False prophets are to be removed from society, as they can lead people away from the Lord.  Moses addresses additional dietary laws and gives instructions on tithing.  Every seventh year, the Israelites were to allow the land to rest, forgive debts, and set free their slaves.  They were also to provide their slaves with the means to start over their lives.

Focus Verse:  13:4  Does this verse still apply today?  Do you follow it?  What changes do you need to make in your life?




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