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Fourteen men and no women have been

executed in the United States in 2018.

January 16, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Genesis 8-11

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Commentary: Noah, his family, and animals of every kind were saved from the flood.  They were protected by the Lord, who then created a covenant with all mankind, through Noah.  The Lord will never again send a flood to destroy the earth and all that live upon it.  Noah’s decedents grew but chose to disobey the Lord by remaining together, one day deciding to try and reach heaven through their own means.  The Lord stopped them by confusing their language, forcing them to spread out.

Focus Verses:  9:8-13  Rainbows are gorgeous to look at, but do you stop and think of the reason behind the rainbow?  Why are they important?  What do they teach us about God?




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