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January 17, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Joshua 11-15

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Commentary: Joshua continues to defeat kings and their armies with the help of the Lord.  The Israelites also continue to follow the instructions given to them by the Lord, through Moses, to destroy everyone in the cities that they conquer.  Although the Israelites have been successful, there is still more land to be conquered.  The Lord begins telling Joshua how the conquered land is to be divided among the tribes.

Focus Verses: 15:1-12  You may not know the names of the borders mentioned in this passage (or elsewhere).  That’s ok!  If interested, there are multiple resources available to help clarify the borders of the different tribes of Israel.  But what is important to understand is the amount of detail provided by the Lord for His people.  His attention to detail is unmatched!  He may not have detailed the borders of your home, but how has the Lord shown this attention to detail in your life?




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