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January 18, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Psalm 6-8

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Commentary: Psalm 6, like all psalms in today's reading, was written by David.  David tells his complaints to the Lord.  After listing his woes, David is confident that the Lord will restore him.  Psalm 7 was likely written when David was being chased by Saul.  David begins by protesting the charges laid against him, insisting his innocence and asking to God to be the judge.  In Psalm 8, David praises the Lord, marveling at His miracles and at His care for mankind.

Focus Verses:6:1-2  Have you ever rebuked another in a fit of anger?  Or disciplined a child while still upset with their actions?  Were you fair minded and rationally thinking?  How awesome is it to know that we have a Lord who will not make the same mistakes!  We are to strive to have our actions line up with those of the Lord!




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