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February 12, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Romans 13-14

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Commentary:  In the eyes of the Roman government, Jews and Christians were viewed as nearly identical and the government disliked both, often treating them unfairly.  The early church was inclined to show the Roman government the same respect showed to them.  Paul, however, reminds the church of Jesus’ example and the exemplary life that we are to strive to live, which includes honoring the laws of the government.  We must remember though, that just because something is legal in eyes of the law, does not make it permissible if it goes against God’s laws.  Which brings Paul to the next issue: division between Jewish and Gentile Christians over following the Laws of Moses.  Each sect comes from two very different lifestyles.  Paul reminds them that they are to support and encourage each other.  Each person has their own weaknesses and temptations, and we cannot judge others.  Instead we are to treat one another with love.

Focus Verses: 14:5-9, 13  Paul reminds us that we are each different and we should respect that about one another!  Each is called to serve the Lord in their own ways.  By respecting others, we should not hinder how they serve in their daily life.  Think of an example in your own life.  Are you causing someone to stumble?  




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