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April 5, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Psalm 39-41

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Commentary: All three of today’s psalms were written by David.  Psalm 39 examine the facility of human life and the littleness of human life compared to the vast expanse of creation.  Some say Psalm 40 expresses David's experience while he was on the run from his son Absalom, however, the psalm is also referenced in Hebrews in celebration and thanksgiving of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Psalm 41 is a psalm of betrayal, written by David when he was betrayed by his trusted counselor Ahithophel, who sided with Absalom.  Ahithophel eventually committed suicide by hanging himself (2 Samuel 17).  Ahithophel's betrayal bears many similarities to the betrayal by Judas.  Verse 9 of this psalm is quoted by Jesus in reference to Judas.  This psalm also references the resurrection of Christ.

Focus Verses: 40:1-2  How many can honestly say that they wait patiently for the Lord?  Patience can be hard, especially when waiting on the Lord’s timing!  Pray for patience and find areas of your life where you can practice it.




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