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April 18, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 1 Samuel 26-31

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Commentary: Saul continues to chase David and David continues to receive protection from the Lord.  David also continues to show Saul that he has no ill intentions toward him.  After Saul acknowledges that it was a mistake to seek out David, Saul returns home.  David, however, continues to fear for his life and goes to live and hid amongst the Philistines for over a year.  The Philistines were preparing to go war with the Israelites and refused to allow David to accompany them.  Saul, in preparation for war, was unnerved when he failed to receive direction from the Lord, leading him to use a spirit women to contact the deceased Samuel.  Samuel informed Saul that he would be killed the following day.  During the battle between the Israelites and Philistines, Saul’s sons were killed and Saul killed himself, so that he would not be taken captive.  David, after being told to return home by the Philistines, discovered that the city had been plundered, burned, and all individuals kidnapped by the Amalekites, who Saul had failed to completely kill, as per the Lord’s instructions.  After inquiring of the Lord, David set out in pursuit, recovered every missing person and item, plundered the enemy, and killed all except 400, who had escaped.

Focus Verse:  27:1  David was anointed king of Israel by the Lord and had yet to rule.  David had escaped from Saul numerous times with the Lord’s help.  David had refused to kill Saul when presented with the opportunity a number of times.  Why then, after an apparent victory in which Saul was going to give up seeking David, does David suddenly become fearful?  A similar situation is outline with Elijah after the defeat of Ba’al’s prophets.  Relying on the Lord and winning a great victory can be spiritually draining, resulting in fear being allowed to take hold and rule.  Have you experienced a similar situation in your life?  How can you prevent such a situation?  Why is it important to always trust in the Lord?




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