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Twenty-four men and no women have 

been executed in the United States in 2018.

May 30, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 1 Kings 1-4

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Commentary:  King David is about to die and his fourth son Adonijah has set himself up to be the king, seemingly without any opposition.  However, God has another plan.  Before Adonijah can crown himself king, he is informed that David has crowned Solomon king.  By not inviting Solomon to his banquet, Adonijah essentially announced his intention to kill Solomon.  After Solomon is crowned king, Adonijah fears for his life and Solomon tells Adonijah that so long as he is loyal, Solomon will not kill him.  David held a rather low view of Solomon, as evidence by the advice given to him.  Adonijah never gave up his dreams of being king, and asked to marry Abishag, the nurse for King David.  Solomon saw this as a desperate grab fro the throne and executed him, recognizing that Adonijah would never cease attempting to be king.  Supporters of Adonijah were also sought out and killed.  Solomon achieved peace with Egypt by marring the daughter of Pharaoh.  When the Lord offered Solomon one request, Solomon requested political discernment.  Solomon was concerned about ruling the kingdom but failed to realize that his relationship with the Lord was the true key to ruling.  Solomon is remembered as the wisest king, however when viewed through his relationship with the Lord, he is severely lacking.  Solomon married multiple wives from various lands as a way to achieve peace.  Theses wives led Solomon astray for the Lord.

Focus Verses: 3:6-9  You may not be preparing to be a ruler, but Solomon’s prayer still an important one.  Why?  How can it help your life?




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