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June 5, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Exodus 37-40

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Commentary:  Chapters 37, 38, and part of 39, describe the building items for inside the Tabernacle.  God had previously given instructions to Moses as to how every item that would be used in the Tabernacle was to be constructed.  The outer court was accessible to all, while the inner Holy Place was only to be entered by the priests.  The innermost room, the Holy of Holies, was where the Ark of the Covenant would reside, and could only be entered once a year by the high priest.  Once the work was complete, Moses blessed and approved everything.  The Tabernacle was then erected.  Once the Tabernacle was completed, the Israelites were given instructions on how to travel.  The Israelites were to complete rely upon the Lord.

Focus Verses: 39:32-43  The Lord gave exact instructions and the people followed those instructions, with Moses ensuring that the instructions were followed.  Why were the details so important to the Lord?  What does this tell you about Him?




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