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Twenty-three men and no women have

been executed in the United States in 2017.

August 7, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Leviticus 25-27

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Commentary: The Year of Jubilee and the Sabbath Year are described in chapter 25.  Both concern the Promised the Land that will be given to the Israelites.  Chapter 26 outlines the conditions the Israelites must uphold to retain the land.  It also foretells what will, and eventually did, happen if/when the Israelites do not keep the covenant.  While the book of Leviticus records the laws all Israelites are to follow, chapter 27 is voluntary.  It focus on vows made to the Lord.  It is not required to make vows to the Lord, but, if done, they must be fulfilled.  Such vows are not to be made lightly or in jest.

Focus Verses: 26:14-20  Movies call this a spoiler alert!  Books call this foreshadowing.   The Bible calls it prophecy.  These verses tell exactly what was going to happen - and did happen! - to Israel.  Why do you think this warning was included?  Have you ever done something, knowing it was going to end badly?  Why did you continue?




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