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September 5, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 1 Chronicles 20-24

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Commentary:  David did not compromise to achieve his many victories.  Compromise is what led Israel alway from the Lord God and allows sin to flourish.  Interestingly, David’s sin with Bathsheba is not recorded here, however his sin in conducting a census is.  David was placing his faith in numbers, in men, instead of in the Lord, who had handed him victory after victory on the battlefield.  David repented of his sin and acted wisely, choosing to be punished by the Lord instead of men.  David knew that the Lord could be merciful.  David also requested that the people of Israel not be punished, as it was David’s sin, not theirs.  God chose the site of the future temple and it is where David offered up his sacrifice to the Lord.  It is also the spot where Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac.  It is not far from the spot where Jesus Christ was offered as a sacrifice for our sins.  The remaining chapters of today’s reading focus on preparations for the temple, which was very important to the Lord.  God was not going to allow David to build His temple.  David was not resentful, rather he worked towards accomplishing the goal by stockpiling supplies that would be needed, in order to ease the burden of the one who would build the temple, his son Solomon.  He also offered some advice to Solomon.  David not only organized supplies for the temple, he also organized the Levites to serve in the temple, including an emphasis on music.  Not surprising, considering the number of psalms written by David.  The sons of Aaron, the priests were also arranged to serve in the temple.  Their numbers had swelled that it would have been impossible for them all to serve at once.  David arranged them into groups.  Each would serve for a time, and then another would come and serve.  David paid attention to the details.

Focus Verses: 22:2-5  How do you respond when someone else receives an assignment that you deeply desire?  David wanted to build a house for the Lord, but was not allowed.  How does he respond?  How do your action line-up with his?




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