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Twenty-four men and no women have 

been executed in the United States in 2018.

November 28, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Nehemiah 1-4

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Commentary: Approximately 80 years after the Israelites returned to Jerusalem, the temple had been rebuilt but the city was struggling to survive.  Nehemiah came to Jerusalem and instructed the Israelites to rebuild the walls and gates of the city.  The Israelites were first ridiculed, and then physical threatened.  Nehemiah motivated the people through their faith in the Lord.  He was also practical and armed men for attacking, stationing them around the city.

Focus Verses:  2:1-8  God answers our prayers, but we must ask!  When God presents us with an opportunity, we must take it.  How does Nehemiah seize his opportunity?  What was his reward?




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