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December 12, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Nehemiah 10-13

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Commentary:  The Israelites once again make a covenant with the Lord, the same covenant made by their ancestors, to keep and uphold the Law.  The names of the new residents of Jerusalem are forever remembered in record.  Upon dedicating the wall, the Israelites celebrated joyfully!  Unfortunately, the Israelites, once again, did not uphold their covenant with the Lord.  After Nehemiah left them, the Israelites quickly reverted back to their previous ways, leading to a rather gloomy conclusion.  Nehemiah returned to the Israelites to straighten them out.  His words are recorded for all to remember.

Focus Verses: 13:15-22  What do you learn from these verses?  Why is the Sabbath important how was it to be honored?




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