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December 26, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Esther 6-10

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Commentary: The king could not sleep - a problem many have encountered - yet it is a turning point, showing the Lord at work.  The king had a scribe read the records to him.  The scribe read of Mordecai saving the king’s life, for which he had never been rewarded.  Haman’s plan was beginning to unravel.  Instead of hanging Mordecai, Haman had to sing his praises, making him rushed for the dinner prepared by the queen.  During the dinner, Esther presents her petition to king - she is a Jew and her people are in danger.  Esther was placed in position of queen for just this moment.  God had been working on the king.  Haman behaved in selfishness.  Combined, the Jewish people were saved!  The Feast of Purim is a celebration remembering this time in history.

Focus Verses:  7:1-6  No doubt Esther was confused when taken and chosen to be queen - what was the Lord’s plan?  Yet, Esther was able to use her position to save her people!  What does this tell you about the Lord and His plans?  What does this mean to you?




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