Did You Know?

Twenty-five men and no women have 

been executed in the United States in 2018.

The Bible passage for prayer, meditation, and reflection for the week of July 2-8, 2017, is Luke 17: 1-4.  Jesus, once again, turns to teach His disciples and prepare them for when He will leave.  Jesus teaches His disciples two important lessons in this passage, lessons that are still applicable and important today.


And [Jesus] said to His disciples, “Temptations (snares, traps set to entice to sin) are sure to come, but woe to him by or through whom they come!  It would be more profitable for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were hurled into the sea than that he should cause to sin or be a snare to one of these little ones [lowly in rank or influence].  Pay attention and always be on your guard [looking out for one another]. If your brother sins (misses the mark), solemnly tell him so and reprove him, and if he repents (feels sorry for having sinned), forgive him.  And even if he sins against you seven times in a day, and turns to you seven times and says, I repent [I am sorry], you must forgive him (give up resentment and consider the offense as recalled and annulled).”  (Luke 17:1-4, AMP)


Have you ever sinned?  Have you ever caused someone else to sin?  Has someone ever sinned against you?  Have you forgiven them?  Sin is a part of life, but that does not mean that we have to accept it!  We should always strive to rise above temptation, rise above sin.  We should continuously strive to not lead others into sin. However, we must also realized that others share our struggle.  We must be willing to forgive others who sin against us, no matter the sin, for in God’s eyes, all sin is equal.  We are to forgive, for we cannot determine the condition of one’s heart, only God can.  As you meditate on, pray over, and reflect upon this week’s verse, consider how Jesus’s words apply to your everyday life. 






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