Did You Know?

Thirteen men have been executed

in the United States in 2015.

Shooting at Wayne Community College
Ron Lane, a longtime employee, has been confirmed killed by a shooter at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Please pray for the family of the deceased. The shooter has been arrested without incident.
Boko Harem Preventing Education for 10.5 Million Children
Terrorist group Boko Harem - which means “Western education is forbidden” or sinful - is having devastating effects on children in Nigeria, where the group originated. The group has destroyed schools, killed teachers and children, and forced children into marriages, sexually abused them, and forced them to fight for the group. The group has also destroyed many of their homes. Please pray for the safety of these children and for the safety of those attempting to help the children.
33 Dead in Moroccan Collision
A bus and a gas tanker collided in southern Morocco, killing at least 33 people. Several of the deceased were school children returning from a sports competition. Please pray for the families of all the deceased.
Shipwreck Off Northern Coast of Haiti
At least 17 individuals, 11 men and six women, have washed ashore in Le Borgne, in northern Haiti. It is believed that they were on a ship heading for nearby islands, but no sign of the ship has been found, therefore it is uncertain if there are any survivors. Please pray for the families of the deceased.
Wildfires in Siberia, Russia
At least 15 people have been killed by wildfires, which were worsened by high winds and dry weather. Over 1,200 homes have been destroyed in 30 towns and villages, leaving over 5,000 people without homes. Please pray those who have lost their homes. The cause of the fire is uncertain.
Bomb Attack on Sinai Peninsula
At least 14 people have been killed, and 45 wounded, in an explosion outside of a police station on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Affiliates with the Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack. Please pray for the families of the deceased, healing for the wounded, and for peace in the region.


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