Did You Know?

Twenty-six men and One woman have

been executed in United States in 2014.

Flash Floods and Landslides in Nepal and India
At least 152 people have died from flash floods and landslides in western Nepal and northern and eastern India. Hundreds remain missing, while one million may have been displaced due to the disaster. Please pray for the families of those who have been killed, the missing individuals and all who have lost their homes.
Ukrainian Civilian Refugees Attacked
Civilians refugees attempting to escape from violence between pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military. Please pray for those who have lost their homes. Please pray for peace in the region.
6.2 magnitude Earthquake Strikes Iran
At least 250 people have been injured due to the earthquake. Please pray for healing for those injured.
Ebola Facility Attacked in Liberia
An Ebola treatment facility was attacked in protest. No one was hurt, although several patients ran in fear. All those who fled had ebola. Please pray for those who fled. Please pray for healing for those who are ill.


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