Did You Know?

Ten men have been executed

in United States in 2015.

8 Men Beheaded by Islamic State
The Islamic State has beheaded eight men who were said to be Shiite Muslims, according to a video posted on social media. Please pray for their families. Please pray for peace.
Two Bodies Found Following New York Explosion
Two bodies have been found in the rubble of an explosion in Manhattan’s East Village. It is believed that the two bodies are those of the two individuals still unaccounted for, Nicholas Figueroa and Moises Lucon. Please pray for the families of the two missing men. Please pray for the safety of those working at the site.
Flood Kills 14 in Chile
In the Atacama region in northern Chile, flash floods have affected nearly 11,000 people, with 14 deaths, 20 missing, and 4,500 without homes. Several towns have been covered and mud and lack clean drinking water. Please pray for all those affected.
Mudslide in Chosica, Peru
At least seven people have been killed and 65 homes destroyed following a mudslide which sent car-sized boulders through the town. Please pray for the town as they recover.
Blogger Washiqur Rahman Killed in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Twenty-seven-year-old Washiqur Rahman, a blogger who had recently criticized irrational religious beliefs, was killed, allegedly by two Islamic seminary students with meat cleavers. Please pray for peace for the family of Washiqur. Please pray for peace in the nation.


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