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Twenty-nine men and Two women have

been executed in United States in 2014.

Cyber Security Awareness Month
Shooting at High School in Marysville, Washington
Two girls have died from gunshot wounds sustained during a shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School. Please pray for their families. Three others are currently hospitalized with injuries. Two remain in critical condition and the third is in serious condition. Please pray for healing. All were shot in the head. The shooter is believed to have taken his own life. Please pray for his family. Please pray for healing in the community.
One Dead in Canadian Shooting
A soldier was shot and killed outside a war memorial in Ottawa. Please pray for his family. The shooter then entered the parliament building, where he was killed. Prior to the shooting, the shooter posted a video giving ideological and political motives for the shooting. It has not been confirmed if he is linked to the Islamic State. Please pray for the community.
Car Bomb Kills 24 in Iraq
At least 24 individuals have been killed by a suicide bomber driving a Humvee in Baghdad. Dozens more have been injured. The bombing is believed to be related to the Islamic State. Please pray for the families of those killed and for healing for the injured.
Axe Attack in New York
A radical Muslim was shot dead after wounding two police officers with an axe in Queens, New York. Please pray for healing for the injured officers. Please pray for the family of the deceased.


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