January 4, 2021, DAY 2: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Genesis 1-3

January 4, 2020



We begin our journey today through the book of Genesis. In today’s reading of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, a history book, we look at creation until the fall of man.

Before reading Genesis 1-3, pray for understanding of today’s reading. Read Genesis 1-3. Let’s journey!

Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Torah and of the Christian Old Testament, was written by Moses as revealed to him by God. Interestingly, in the 17th Century, Bishop James Ussher calculated the date of Creation to be 4004 BC. He arrived at that number by using Biblical genealogies and known historical dates, however his calculations continued to be debated. As God reveals the beginning to Moses, we are able to understand the God is continually giving second chances; another chance to better ourselves and the world in which we live.

Genesis 1-3: Throughout six days, God creates. On the sixth day, God creates man – humankind – and our spiritual relationship with Him begins. God made man in God’s image; man was God’s representatives on earth. Chapter 3 of Genesis tells us of the man’s separation from God through sin, through man’s desire to be more like God. As you study chapter 3 you will clearly see that God does not abandon the sinner; however, He does not allow sin to go unpunished. These first three chapters of Genesis are important in your personal journey to understand God’s relationship with you. The journey to understanding God is so important for nourish our spiritual life. It begins right here, at creation! (Genesis 1:1-3:24)

Read chapters 1-3 and ask yourself these questions: Why is understanding creation so important? What led to the downfall of humanity? How can you already see God forgiveness, and willingness to give second chances? Why does God continue to forgive?


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