January 5, 2021, DAY 3: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Joshua 1-5

January 5, 2020



Today, we begin our journey through the book of Joshua. Joshua is Hosea, the son of Num. He began life as a slave in Egypt. Hosea’s faithfulness to the God of Israel allowed him to rise to leadership among his people. Moses, whom God chose to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, changed Hosea’s name to Joshua (Yeshua in Hebrew) which means “the Lord is Salvation,” after returning with 11 other spies from a spying mission into Canaan, which we will read about later in the year.

Take a moment and pray, asking for understanding of today’s reading. Read Joshua 1-5. Let’s journey!

The book of Joshua is believed to take place between the years 1400 BC and 1100 BC. It begins immediately following the death of Moses, with the Israelites preparing to enter the Promised Land. God is in control!

Joshua 1-5: The Book of Joshua would be a best seller on the New York Times book review, with the book taking off quickly in the first five chapters. The Book of Joshua begins with God addressing Joshua concerning what is expected of him and the people of Israel in preparation to cross the Jordon River into the promised land: Canaan. Military preparation is made by sending two spies into Canaan to assess the military preparedness of their adversaries. The spies make an allegiance with a prostitute, Rahab. The spies return to Joshua with a good report. The Israelites prepare and the cross the Jordan River, making camp at Gilgal on the eastern border of Jericho where, under the stewardship of Joshua and pursuant to God’s instructions, spiritual and strategic preparations are made for the attack on Jericho. (Joshua 1:1-5:15)

Read chapters 1-5 and ask yourself these questions: Throughout today’s reading, how do you see that God is in control? How do the Israelites recognize that God is in control of what is to happen? Do you see God’s control in your life?


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