January 8, 2021, DAY 6: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Isaiah 1-6

January 8, 2021



Today, we begin our journey through the book of Isaiah. Isaiah, the man, was a prophet during the reign of four kings of Judah, Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah; a period of approximately 28 years, assuming he began his ministry toward the end of Uzziah’s reign and died approximately 14 years before the death of King Hezekiah’s reign. The duties of a prophet are not easy, Isaiah’s ministry was no exception. His ministry was comprised of two themes: (1) telling the people of Judah that they chosen a sinful life over a righteous life, for which judgment was coming, and (2) to announce forgiveness of sin through the coming of The Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Take some time to seek God’s guidance and understanding for our journey through Isaiah 1-6 today. Read Isaiah 1-6. Let’s journey!

Following Solomon’s death, the Kingdom of Israel was split in two; Judah, in the south, consisted of two tribes and remained under the control of Solomon’s son Rehoboam, while Israel, to the north, consisted of the remaining ten tribes and came under control of the son of Solomon’s servant. The split occurred in 931 BC. During the nearly 200 years in between the split and the writing of Isaiah, the two nations were often at war. During the beginning of Isaiah’s ministry, Israel and Judah, where Isaiah resided, were experiencing a time of peace, leading the people to think that God was pleased with them. The beginning of Isaiah sets out to disabuse the people of Judah from this illusion. Throughout the book of Isaiah, the prophet offers both messages of coming judgement and of hope for redemption.

Isaiah 1-6: The first 39 chapters of Isaiah, including our reading for today, chastise Judah for accepting the ways of an unrighteous world while pointing out that only God is truly righteous. “..the final twenty-seven chapters of the Bible (like the twenty-seven books of the New Testament) declare a message of hope. The Messiah is coming as a Savior and Sovereign to bear a cross and wear a crown.” (Isaiah 1:1-6:13)

Read chapters 1 and 2 and ask yourself these questions: What warning of judgment is Isaiah giving? What message of hope is Isaiah giving? How has God provided hope to you in trying times?


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