February 4, 2021, DAY 33: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Job 9-10

February 4, 2021

JOB 9 -10

Today, we continue our journey through the book of Job. Job is speaking to the Lord about his current situation, his physical suffering, as well as the emotional suffering he experienced by losing his family.

Open your Bible to Job chapters 9 and 10, asking God in prayer to reveal the true meaning of today’s journey. Read carefully, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Job and his friends have each made assumptions about God, about how God rules, and about how justice in the world works. These assumptions are revealed throughout this book. Many of these assumptions continue to be held today!

Job 9-10: In today’s journey, none of Job’s friends speak. Job is pleading to God, or lamenting to himself. Job is struggling, considering how to communicate his case to God? How to convince God that he has not sinned? How to convince God that His wrath against Job was a mistaken? Job rightly believed that he was blameless in God’s eyes; so why the anguish? Job, frustrated, begins accusing God of dealing with him unjustly. (Job 9:1-10:22)

Read chapters 9 and 10, and ask yourself these questions: What assumptions about God and the way He rules are being made by Job? What assumptions have you made about God and the way He rules in your life? How has God proven your assumptions wrong in the past? Could you be wrong again?


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