February 5, 2021, DAY 34: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Isaiah 23-28

February 5, 2021

ISAIAH 23-28

Our journey through Isaiah, a book of prophecy, is a journey through sin. Many of Isaiah’s prophecies foretell the destruction of cities and nations due to their sins. Today, we look at the sin of pride, seeing that God abhors pride.

Take a moment to read Isaiah 23-28, asking God in prayer to help you understand what He is saying to us in these chapters of our journey through Isaiah.

Following Solomon’s death, the Kingdom of Israel was split in two; Judah, in the south, consisted of two tribes and remained under the control of Solomon’s son Rehoboam, while Israel, to the north, consisted of the remaining ten tribes and came under control of Jeroboam. The split occurred around 930 BC. During the nearly 200 years in between the split and the writing of Isaiah, the two nations were often at war. Throughout the book of Isaiah, the prophet offers both messages of coming judgement and of hope for redemption.

Isaiah 23-28: Today’s reading contains several prophecies of the destruction of God’s creation, the earth, and its inhabitants, by God – its creator. These chapters repeatedly tell us that God hates pride. They also tell us of God’s love for the righteousness. The righteous may feel forgotten by God, but their faithfulness will be rewarded. (Isaiah 23:1-28:29)

Read chapters 23 through 28 and consider the following: What does it mean to be righteous? What warning of judgment is Isaiah giving? What message of hope is Isaiah giving? How has God provided hope to you in trying times?


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