February 7, 2021, Day 36: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Romans 11-12

February 7, 2021

ROMANS 11-12

Today’s journey continues through the book of Romans, written by the Apostle Paul. Paul approaches the Jews as one of them – because he is! But Paul has also accepted the salvation offered by Jesus Christ, and he desires that all Jews should do the same.

Ask the Lord for His understanding of Romans 11-12. Read Romans 11-12. Let’s journey!

As you read today’s reading, keep in mind the overall context of the book. This letter was written by the Apostle Paul, to the believers in Rome, approximately 30 years after the ascension of Jesus Christ. Several years earlier, the Jews (Jews and Jewish Christians) had been forced to leave the city of Rome by the emperor. Following the emperor’s death, the Jews began returning to the city. This letter came to the Roman church at a time of change. A great amount of tension existed between Jewish Christians and Gentiles. Jewish Christians insisted that the laws of Moses, including circumcision and dietary restrictions, must be followed in order to gain salvation. Gentiles were reluctant to abide by the strict Jewish laws. One of Paul’s goals in this letter is to relieve the tension that exists between the two groups.

Romans 11-12: Paul expresses his concern for His people, the Jews, and desires that his people come to know Jesus as their Messiah. It appears that Paul believes Israel’s rejection of Christ is only temporary and Israel will accept Jesus as their Savior. Paul further explains that, when a person truly surrenders their life to Christ, their life is transformed. Paul teaches that true believers, those genuinely thankful for God’s mercy, change their lives, forsaking living sinful lives, seeking instead to live a life that expresses true fellowship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A believer’s life will take on true humility, forsaking pride, with the understanding that all is accomplished through grace and mercy extended to them through God. (Romans 11:1-12:21)
Read chapters 11 and 12 and consider the following: Have you surrendered your life to Christ? Has your life been transformed? How does today’s reading further Paul’s goal of united Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians as one church?


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