January 27, 2021, DAY 25: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Psalms 9-11

January 27, 2021


Our journey today continues through the book of Psalms. Our psalms today tell the story of praise, trust and lament. A reflection of life!

Take a moment and pray, seeking understanding for today’s reading. Read Psalms 149-150. Let’s journey!

In the first book of Psalms, the majority of the psalms are written by King David. Throughout the book of Psalms, nearly every psalm can be classified as a psalm of Lament or a psalm of praise. A lament is cry to the Lord, asking Him to do something, most often when we are in pain, confused, or angry. A psalm of praise is a prayer of joy and celebration, thanking the Lord for His work.

Psalms 9-11: The central theme of the chapter 9 is to praise the Lord for His never-ending protection for those who love Him! Chapter 10, known as the “Lament Psalm,” is King David crying out to God; asking God, to deal with the people who are not following God’s will and those who are persecuting the king, David, himself. Please note that David never accuses God of abandoning him; he wants God to put his persecutors in their proper place. In chapter 11, King David proclaims he takes refuge in the Lord. (Psalms 9:1-11:7)

Read chapters 9 through 11 and ask yourself these questions: Are these psalms of lament or praise? How do you know? What deeper understanding of David is provided through these psalms? Take a moment and offer at least one praise and one lament from your own life.