April 2, 2021, DAY 90: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Jeremiah 1-6

April 2, 2021


Today our journey through the Book of Jeremiah begins! Jeremiah is known as the weeping prophet because God appointed him to inform Judah of impending judgment.

Take a few moments to ask God to share His true meaning of today’s journey through Jeremiah 1-6 with you. Now read Jeremiah 1-6. Let’s journey!

Jeremiah was called to be a prophet to the tribes of Benjamin and Judah, which surrounded the city of Jerusalem, during the reign of the final five kings of Judah. Jeremiah began his prophesying during the reign of Josiah, the last righteous king. Like the book of Isaiah, Jeremiah offers both warnings of coming judgment, and a message of hope.

Jeremiah 1-6: Jeremiah is called by God to be the prophet that informs the tribes of Judah and Benjamin of the impending judgement upon them. God told Jeremiah that they would try to harm him, but not to waiver because God was protecting him. Jeremiah delivered God’s message to the people of Judah and Benjamin. The people were told that God judged them because they had forsaken the true God to worship god’s made of wood and stone. God judged the people because they choose a life devoted to sin. God judged the people because they chose to live an immoral life, citing adultery. God judged them because the people said God abandoned them. God judged them because they refused to confess their sin to Him. God judged the people because they refused to repent of their sin. The people of Judah and Benjamin found more pleasure in sin than they found in serving God their Creator. (Jeremiah1:1-6:30)

As you read chapters 1 through 6, consider the following: What message is being given and to whom? What is the response to the message? Jeremiah’s messages were rejected by the Israelites. Consider, is there a message God is trying to give you that you are rejecting?


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