April 29, 2021, DAY 117: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Job 33-34

April 29, 2021

JOB 33-34

In today’s journey through Job 33-34, we learn Elihu’s observations and views concerning Job’s situation.

Seek God’s perfect understanding of Job 33-34. Read Job 33-34. Let’s journey!

Job and his friends have each made assumptions about God, about how God rules, and about how justice in the world works. These assumptions are revealed throughout this book. Many of these assumptions continue to be held today!

Job 33-34: Elihu begins by summarizing Job’s argument to God as he, Elihu, understood it. Job claims to be righteous and God is unjustly punishing him. Elihu, explains to Job that God cannot be unjust and that Job is unrepentant of his sin resulting in Job’s situation. (Job 33:1-34:37)

Read chapters 33 and 34, and ask yourself these questions: What assumptions about God and the way He rules are being made by Elihu? What assumptions have you made about God and the way He rules in your life? Do you see errors in the assumptions?


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