July 27, 2021, DAY 206: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: 2 Kings 16-20

July 27, 2021

2 KINGS 16-20

Our journey through 2 Kings 16-20, takes us through the occupation of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, by Assyria. Judah, under the leadership of King Hezekiah seeks to serve the God of Israel.

Ask God for His understanding of 2 Kings 16-20. Read 2 Kings 16-20. Let’s journey!

The books of First and Second Kings were originally written as one text that tells the story of the kings of Israel, continuing on where we left off in 2 Samuel, with King David and his son Solomon, soon to be king. Ultimately, it is a history of the decline of the kingdom of Israel, as they move away from the Lord. The author of the book of Kings, provides a judgement on the rule of each king, based on their worship of the Lord God and the keeping of the covenant Israel made with God. Throughout the book of Kings, we also see that prophets are raised up in an attempt to steer Israel and its kings back on the path of following the Lord.

2 Kings 16-20: The Northern Kingdom, Israel, demonstrated the power sin has over each of us once allowed into our lives. King Hoshea had to choose between having his nation continue in sin like the heathen nations, or serve the God of Israel. King Hoshea chose the path of the heathen nations for Israel: sin. King Hoshea was the last king of the Northern Kingdom, Israel, for his choice resulted in God allowing the Assyrians to overtake the Northern Kingdom, never to be a free nation again. In contrast King Hezekiah of the Southern Kingdom, Judah, chose to forsake the ways of his father and seek God, for himself and his nation, with all of his heart. Sin is powerful once allowed in our lives, for it even caused King Hezekiah to stumble. (2 Kings 16:1-20:21)

After reading today’s reading, consider the following: What kings were present in today’s reading? Were they good or bad? How do you know? What lesson can be learning, or what warning can be taken from study of these kings? What warnings, if any, were given by prophets? How can understanding the fall of Israel help us today in the way that we view authority figures?


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