June 12, 2021, DAY 161: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Luke 9-10

June 12, 2021

LUKE 9-10

Our journey through Luke today continues Jesus’ preparation to go to Jerusalem where He will be crucified.

Ask God for His understanding of Luke 9-10. Read Luke 9-10. Let’s journey!

Luke is the only Gentile author of a Gospel and he was not an apostle of Jesus Christ. Luke was a well-educated doctor, who carried out careful research and gathered first hand accounts for his narrative, and traveled extensively with the Apostle Paul. It is thought that the Gospel of Luke was written shortly after the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. In addition to writing the Gospel of Luke, he also wrote the book of Acts. Luke wrote in a way that would be accessible for all to read and includes some parables of Jesus Christ not found elsewhere in the Bible. Throughout his Gospel, Luke shows that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament in His way, which was not the way that many, including the religions leader, thought the prophecies would be fulfilled. The same holds true today; we cannot place our expectations and beliefs on Jesus, rather we must first submit ourselves to Him in order to understand Him and His word.

Luke 9-10: Jesus prepares His twelve apostles to lead the ministry once He is delivered over to the Romans. Jesus empowers and sends out the 12. Jesus feeds the 5,000. Jesus predicts His death. Jesus’ transfiguration is witnessed by Peter, James and John. Jesus heals a demon possessed boy, and gives a lesson on the cost of discipleship. Jesus sends out 72 disciples to prepare communities to which Jesus is coming. This is followed by the parable of the Good Samaritan and concludes with the story of Martha and Mary. (Luke 9:1-10:41)

As you read today’s reading, make sure that you are not applying the standards and expectations of today’s world into Luke 9 and 10. Rather apply what is written to standards and expectations of today’s world. Are their areas of your life that are in contradiction to what you have read? Have you truly stopped and meditated upon the meaning of lessons taught in today’s reading? What have you learned?


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