March 22, 2021, DAY 79: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Genesis 44-47

March 22, 2021


Our journey today, continues with the story of Joseph. Joseph was an interesting, a very interesting, person. Today, Jospeh would be viewed as a person who views his glass half full rather than half empty. He was determined to make the best of every situation he encountered. Jospeh had a spiritual perspective on life. Let’s take a look at Jospeh, as he used calamity to reunite his family.

Take a moment to pray for God to reveal His true meaning of Genesis 44-47 to you. Ask God for a measure of Joseph’s perspective for your life. Time to read Genesis 44-47 and join the journey!

Genesis, the first book of the Jewish Torah and of the Christian Old Testament, was written by Moses as revealed to him by God. As God reveals the beginning to Moses, we are able to understand that God is continually giving second chances; another chance to better ourselves and the world in which we live.

Genesis 44-47: Today’s reading begins where we left off last week. Joseph wants to see if his brothers have grown and learned from their past behavior. And so, he offers them a test to see if they are willing to give away their youngest brother Benjamin, the same way that they gave away Jospeh. When Joseph saw that his brothers were willing to offer themselves into slavery in exchange for Benjamin’s freedom, Joseph was overcome by emotion and revealed himself to his brothers. To Joseph’s joy, he was also able to be reunited with his father, Israel (Jacob). The story, actually, recored Biblical history, contains a very important message for Judaism and Christianity. God, through the faith of Jospeh, preserved the family line of Abraham. The family line that leads directly to Jesus Christ! (Genesis 44:1–47:31)

Read chapters 44 through 47, and consider the following: Have you ever been forgiven for a wrong you know you committed? How did it make you feel? How can you see God’s forgiveness, and willingness to give second chances through today’s reading? Why does God continue to forgive?


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