March 26, 2021, DAY 83: JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE IN A YEAR: Isaiah 62-66

March 26, 2021

ISAIAH 62-66

Our journey today concludes the book of Isaiah, as we journey through chapters 62-66. It is the story of the restoration of Jerusalem and a people who are loyal to God. It is also the story of eliminating sin from the world. It is the story of punishment meted out to those who worship sin.

Take a few minutes to seek God’s guidance and understanding of Isaiah 62-66. Now read Isaiah 62-66. Let the journey begin!

Following Solomon’s death, the Kingdom of Israel was split in two; Judah, in the south, consisted of two tribes and remained under the control of Solomon’s son Rehoboam, while Israel, to the north, consisted of the remaining ten tribes and came under control of Jeroboam. The split occurred around 930 BC. During the nearly 200 years in between the split and the writing of Isaiah, the two nations were often at war. Throughout the book of Isaiah, the prophet offers messages of coming judgement and of hope for redemption.

Isaiah 62-66: The final five chapters of Isaiah tell of the restoration of Jerusalem. They tell of God’s revulsion of sin. They tell of a Heaven that will be inhabited by all people of the world who follow God’s ways. They also tell of punishment for those who reject God and His ways. (Isaiah 62:1–66:24)

Read chapters 62 through 66 and ask yourself these questions: What warning of judgment is Isaiah giving? What message of hope is Isaiah giving? What is the importance of ending this book with a message of hope? As you reflect on the entire book of Isaiah, what is the importance of the messages recorded?


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